Attitude & Arabesque Turns

Hi everybody!  Today I bring to you a quick technique tip about balancing and turning in attitude and arabesque.  This are a few of the most difficult turns, and obviously that means that the balance will be very difficult as well.  Here are my tips!


Quick Tips

  • You will have to be further forward over your supporting leg in arabesque because you have more weight behind you (an extended leg).  In attitude, you will want to think of being a bit more back.
  • In a turn, think of pushing from both legs, especially your working leg.  This will work to propel you over your supporting leg better.
  • Think of lengthening the spine in order to have the maximum lift and balance.
    • In attitude derrière, use the abdominal muscles of the core to help shorten the front and lengthen the back so that your muscles don’t crunch so that you can’t get your leg up to the back.
    • In attitude devant, use the iliopsoas (see diagram below) to help lengthen the back and prevent you from crunching.  The more lift and opposition that you have, the better you will be able to balance, and therefore turn.

      Here we have the iliopsoas. It’s one of the hip flexors. This is a vital muscle that keeps our back from curving in response to the forward movement of our leg. Keeping this stable and engaged is vital to the development of your attitude devant.
  • For turning, use all of the tips I included in my post about Improving Pirouettes.  If you would like a post and possibly corresponding video about balancing better, I would be happy to do this.  Just leave me a request on the Requests page.

Thank you for reading this article.  Again, don’t hesitate to respond with any questions or comments regarding this post.  Don’t forget to leave any Requests you have for this blog on the Requests page.

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