Finding Balance

Let’s face it…everybody’s life gets crazy.  Especially when you’re a full-time ballet student operating under a half-time ballet student’s schedule.  And you have to manage academic work and other extracurricular activities on top of all that.  That’s me.  I get really, really stressed sometimes.  Today I’m going to write about finding balance in your life between structure and freedom for people that can never find that place where they need to stop.


The Baseline: Accepting

You can only fix your problems of going to far too fast if you tell yourself that that is indeed the problem.  The thing with this kind of situation is that when you’re working TOO hard, you get very weak and fatigued.  When that happens, you think to yourself, “Well, I’m only fatigued because I’m not strong enough, so my body can’t take when people are telling me to do.”

That may be true in the sense that you aren’t strong enough to do what you’re trying to do, but there’s a tipping point at which strength comes with moderation.  Up to that point, strength comes with drive.

If you know where that tipping point is (we’ll just call it “The Break”), you can embrace it when you know that it’s coming and adjust your schedule accordingly.  That way you know that your Mindset and your Body won’t clash and fight.  Right after your pass the Break, if your Mindset is still in Drive mode and your Body is now Fatigued, you will get upset, you will feel sick, and you will do what we call “Battling.”

So, again, the baseline of accepting is to find your own personal Break (everybody’s is different) and accept that you are Fatigued, you can adequately prepare for the break and adjust as necessary.

Where is my break?

Again, everybody’s Break is different.  It takes practice to try and find yours.  You usually know that you are Breaking or that the Break has already passed when you’re having a really bad day physically, but a good day mentally.  That is because it means that your body is Fatigued but your mind is still in Drive.  In other words, your body is telling you to stop but your mind won’t listen to it.

This problem can be solved by LESSENING YOUR ROUTINE.  Here’s how…

Adjustments: Fixing your routine

A lot of people like to have a daily routine that they go through – it helps them get things done in a timely fashion.  I know that I for one definitely fall under this category.  By having an adjustable your routine, your Mindset won’t feel guilty because it didn’t “follow the routine exactly.”  This is possible because your routine now has different helpful outlets in the form of what I call “time ranges” (instead of 1 hour: stretching, I would say 30 mins – 50 mins: stretching).  Now that your routine allows it, your body can have what it needs without your mindset having to Battle it because it feels guilty that you aren’t staying on your routine.

I hope you see what I mean, because it’s extremely important to allow your routine to fluctuate depending on how your body is feeling without your Mindset feeling guilty.  Again, if you are past the Break and you haven’t fixed your routine so that you can listen to your body, you will begin to Battle and break down.  That’s the opposite of what you want.

Review and reference

So, here is how to prevent your body from Battling:

  1. Accept that you’ve gone to far so that you can find your Break.
  2. Find your Break and know when it’s coming.
  3. Adjust your schedule so that you can listen to your Body without your Mindset feeling guilty.

Here are a few quick definitions of the terms we used in this article:

Break:  The point at which your body becomes Fatigued and you must rest for increased strength instead of drive for increased strength.

Fatigued: The point at which your body can no longer support the movement you are asking it to do…tired, unrested.

Drive: A mindset that instructs your body to work harder and work more.

Mindset:  What your mind is telling your body to do – how you are thinking.

Battling:  A state in which you’ve passed your Break but your Mindset is getting in the way of you listening to your Body. A fight between the Mind and the Body.


I really hope that this article helps anybody that is suffering from a lack of balance.  I know that I for one have a really crazy schedule and life and that all of the philosophies in this article have helped me increase strength by realizing the dawn of my Break.  Please comment if you have any questions or stories regarding this topic.  Thank you.

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