Video Update

Hi everybody!  This is a quick update regarding my YouTube videos.  I have briefly mentioned in other posts my struggles of getting my first video up.  Here’s a recap:

  • I have equipment on the way!  Equipment is being shipped to me right now, so the quality will improve, don’t worry.
  • I have attempted to upload videos.  I have fully filmed and edited a video, but when I try to upload it to YouTube, it gives me an error message.  I don’t understand what’s wrong – everything is right and I’ve had it confirmed.  Kind of frustrating, huh?
  • Videos will be there soon!  I was trying to upload a Core Workout today, but the video failed again.  Hopefully I’ll have the workout up on YouTube either later today or tomorrow.
  • I’m trying my best!  Hopefully we’ll have videos up soon.

See you later.  Again, I’m trying my best, and I’m really excited to get my YouTube channel up and running. 🙂


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