Bun Tutorial

Hi everybody!  Today I bring to you my bun tutorial.  I’ll be demonstrating with dry hair through pictures today, but please go by what I say in the text, not by the picture as far as quality goes!  Haha.  So, let’s go!


Take a shower!  It’s best to do a bun when your hair is wet so that you can control it easier and it is much neater.  I personally don’t think that cleanliness affects how well your bun turns out – I always wash my hair right before doing my bun.

Put it in a ponytail.  A proper classical bun has the ponytail in line with the jawline, so I usually do it just about there.  I like to use plenty of hairspray and gel because I think that the sleeker the better. 😉


Split the remaining hair into two sections.  Try to make them as even as possible!

Twist the right section whichever way is natural for you.  Then, wrap it counterclockwise around the elastic, pinning as you go.  When you get halfway around the elastic (it should make a 1/2 circle), drop that piece.


Repeat with the now right-most section (it was previously the left-most section), but instead of wrapping it around the elastic, you’ll be wrapping it around the 1st section you just wrapped.  Remember, always pin as you go and twist/wrap the same way!  Again, drop that section when you’ve made a 1/2 circle.


Repeat this process with each section that’s furthest right until you run out of hair.


Add a net and an elastic around it (this step is optional, but I do it because I think that it really helps tighten everything up), and secure with a few more pins.  Then add more hairspray and you’re done!

Here are the final results (this is my hair for the end of year showcase last year):


Thanks for reading!  Leave feedback and questions below.

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