Dance Bag Tour

Hi everybody!  Today we are going to go through what’s in my dance bag!  Let’s get started…


  • 2 golf balls (I don’t know why I have 2.  Good for everything!)
  • lacrosse ball (Good for the calves, hips, and back!)
  • field hockey ball (Good for a day when your calves are really sore and you can’t stand to roll them out with anything smaller.)
  • rolling pin (Amazing for the arches.)
  • foam roller (Awesome for the quads and IT bands.)
  • 3 loop resistance bands (I use these constantly for strengthening my hips and working on tendus and rond de jambes.  I carry three different strengths that I use depending on my soreness.)
  • 1 regular resistance band (I carry heavy strength that I use for stretching, foot strengthening, and all of the above.)


  • 10,000 pairs of leg/calf warmers (I have an obsession with these two articles of clothing, and I wear them constantly and whenever possible – but I’m usually wearing them underneath warm up pants or other pairs of leg/calf warmers.  Trust me, ask me at any given time and I bet I’ll be able to show you a pair of leg/calf warmers that I’m wearing.)
  • Bloch booties!  (These are my life.  I’m also constantly wearing these.  I have the dark grey color because they go with every crazy warm up outfit I throw together in .01 minutes.)
  • Assorted pairs of fluffy Christmas socks (Because they can be worn year round without controversy.  Just kidding.  I just constantly wear them underneath my Bloch booties because I don’t like people making fun of me for wearing a full-out holiday get-up in the middle of June.)
  • Extra leotard/tights (Because I’m a very messy human being who cannot keep her soup in her thermos.  Pretty self-explanatory.)
  • Wrap skirt (I always keep one in my bag for rehearsals and classes when we’re allowed to wear skirts.  I just prefer black because it goes with every leotard imaginable!)

Shoes/Shoe and Toe Supplies

  • 2-3 pairs of pointe shoes (Because when my shoes die I don’t have the courage to take them out of my bag.  I usually rotate between two pairs of shoes and have an extra totally dead pair in there just in case I feel the need to snap my ankle in half.)
  • 2 pairs of flat shoes (I keep one as a back up just in case I accidentally draw in lipstick all over my first pair of shoes – and then I can put on my back up pair that are totally smeared with Sharpie marker.)
  • TOE TAPE (Because toe tape is a beautiful thing that I keep running out of.  I always make sure to keep my bag well-stocked of this.)
  • Toe pads (I wear Freed toe pads.  I don’t actually wear toe pads, but they’re nice to have just in case I’m having a really bad day or I don’t have time to pull of my usual elaborate toe tape creations.)
  • Jet glue (Because my shoes love to die at the worst moments.  I always keep it quadruple bagged because I learned the hard way what can happen if you don’t.)
  • Hammer (For working out the stupid bunion area of my Grishkos.  Why is it so painful!?)
  • Flathead screwdriver (This is very useful for using as a jack when trying to detach the shank from the inner sole of your shoe.)
  • Heavy-duty wire cutters (When I wear Blochs, I like 1/2 3/4ing them…if that makes any sense.  I 3/4 the first layer in the shoe and leave the top layer intact.  This tool is very useful for this process.)
  • Lighter (For burning the ends of my ribbons to prevent them from fraying.)
  • Sewing kit in Altoids container (An Altoids container is the perfect size for your pointe shoe sewing supplies!  I keep my Bunhead’s stitch kit thread and needle, a darning needle – I can’t live without a nice darned tip – and a good pair of mini sewing scissors.
  • Second Skin (This is an amazing product if you have a very painful blister.  You can order the pack of 200 on Amazon.  I keep that in my bag and use it weekly.)
  • New Skin (You can put this serum on to help prevent blisters in areas that rub a lot.  Just never put it on an open blister – it stings like insanity!  That’s second skin’s job.)
  • Moleskin (I like keeping a roll of this in my kit to put on my bunions if I’m having a really bad day.  You can buy this at any pharmacy.)
  • Sharpies (Great for marking where your arch is or where you need to sew on your ribbons for your shoes.  I always keep a few colors handy to decorate the insides of my pointes as well!)
  • Nail clippers (A life saver for your toes.  Self explanatory.)


  • Perfume or body mist (For any repertoire class that involves partnering, or for after a class that involved lots of petite allegro.)
  • Altoids (I have a bit of an addiction to these mints.  They are good for snacking – haha – and also for any repertoire class that involves partnering.)
  • Towel (For one who sweats a lot, like me.  Very useful for after a hard class and before a rehearsal under the stage lights.  You don’t want your sweat glistening for audience.)
  • Chapstick (My lips always seem to get chapped and gross no matter what time of year it is.  This is very useful!!!)
  • Extra hair supplies (I always keep extra pins, elastics, and hair nets in my bag for when things turn downhill.)
  • A headband (This is good when you try a new hairstyle that you think will turn out spectacular and then you start doing pirouettes and half of your hair is in your mouth.  Great for when things go completely crazy and you have no other choice.  Also nice for when you want to add some color to your head!)


  • Smartphone (Obviously.  I can post from it for you guys!)
  • Homework (I try to squeeze some in on breaks…every minute counts when it comes to homework!)
  • Ballet journal (Holds all of my corrections, notes, choreography, schedules, information, etc…I don’t know what I’d do without it.)
  • Bus pass (The central bus station is across the street from GRB, so it’s a nice source of transportation to and fro!)
  • Money (Because vending machines are my life.)
  • Food and beverage (Because I eat a lot and am always thirsty.)

I think I got everything!  BTW…I keep everything organized in neat little bags and toolkits that I carry to and fro classes and rehearsals constantly.  My bag is a Vera Bradley duffel in a retired pattern.

Thanks for reading this lengthy tour!

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