Abdominal Workout (+ Video?!)

Today I bring you an abdominal workout!  This is a great workout to do before class, or even after class if you’re feeling up to it.  It’s also a great warm up for static stretching.  I hope you enjoy this, and please leave me your feedback in the comments below so we can make these workouts better next time!

To learn more about the muscles that you’re actually using in this workout, head over to my All About the Core post.

Okay, let’s get started!  Here is the video for the workout: (By the way, most videos in the future will be in the “Exercises” format instead of the “Workout” format.  This was my first time, though…so this one will be a Workout because I didn’t realize how difficult it was to download such a long video onto my computer.  Anyways!..)

Now, here are the exercises that I mentioned in the video:

  1. 50 crunches
  2. 25 cross-crunches right
  3. 25 cross-crunches left
  4. 10 3-count-down, 3-count-up leg lowers
  5. 15 vertical crunches
  6. 15 pelvic crunches
  7. 10 vertical/pelvic crunches (ouch!)
  8. 50 bicycles
  9. plank for 1 minute if you’re still feeling up to it!


I really do hope that this workout helps you strengthen and improve your dancing.  Again, it’s great to do before or after class (especially before) to get your abdominal muscles working.

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