Nutcracker Ringlets Hair Tutorial

Hi everybody!  Today I bring to you a hair tutorial for the Nutcracker.  I will teach you how to get perfectly bouncy party girl hair, especially if you have really long hair (like me!)  Let’s go!


A note on timing:

  • I always do this at night.  This way, my hair has proper time to curl and rest before the performance.

Here is your materials list:

  • sponge curlers
  • curling iron (optional, only for touch-ups)
  • hair brush and comb
  • mousse, hairspray, and gel
  • hair accessories, elastics, pins, net, etc. depending on what style you are doing for the rest of your hair
  • bonnet or shower cap

Here are your directions:

  1. Shower.  I like to wash my hair (shampoo & conditioner) before I try and curl it.  Then I make sure that it’s 1/4 of the way wet before I begin curling.
  2. Style.  I like to get my hair into it’s 1/2 ponytail first.  I tie this off very tightly.  I put the ponytail hair into a bun, but for now I just put it in a braid and pin it up.   It will go under the shower cap later.
  3. Curl.  Next, section off your hair into lots of very small sections.  Coat the hair with mousse and then gel.  Roll the hair up a sponge roller and then clip it in securely.  Add a bit of hairspray.  Repeat until all of your hair is in neat rolls of curlers.
  4. Bonnet.  Now put on your bonnet and head to bed!
  5. Release!  Right before the show the following day, take off your bonnet and the curlers to reveal your beautiful ringlets.  Add hairspray (lots of it) and finish any stylizing you must do.
  6. Touch up.  I like to go in with a curling iron for any smaller pieces that refused to curl with the sponge curlers.
  7. Merde, good luck, break a leg, whatever you prefer!

I hope that this tutorial helped you, and good luck for whichever role you are playing (party girl, Clara, whatever!)  Thanks for reading.

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