Ballet Journaling

Hi everybody!  Today I bring to you an under-discussed topic in ballet: journaling.  It helps so much and I live by it – so let’s see what I have to share!

Why journal?

Journaling is a great way for “venting” you feelings about what is happening at the school you attend.  It helps you clear your mind and re-focus.  By writing down corrections, notes, and choreography,  you can stay organized and apply your corrections much faster and better.  Why not give it a try?

Systems or methods for journaling

There are a couple different ways of journaling.  I’ve listed them and the perks of each method here:

  • computer (blog or document): Has search capabilities for finding corrections on specific steps or for specific rehearsals!  Quick to write up and very portable.  Also, it’s much easier to make everything uniform and insert inspirational videos or pictures.  The downside to this is that it isn’t easily accessible during rehearsals and classes, because you usually can’t bring your phone into the studio with you.  Also, it’s easier to remember things that you physically write, so it can pose challenges for remembering corrections.  Finally, it’s very difficult to draw formations for choreography without having paper.
  • journal (notebook or loose-leaf paper in a binder): This can be a very cute system that is traditional and practical.  You can take it with you everywhere and it’s great for remembering things.  It’s also very customizable and fun to write in.  The downsides are that it isn’t the most portable item, it’s time consuming, and not very organized.  It’s hard to do categories and you can’t search a journal.

What to write

Here are some ideas of what to write in your journal.   Hope this helps!

  • Reflections: Thoughts on how the day, week, or month went
  • Goals: How you think you can improve next week
  • Notes: Corrections from classes or rehearsals that you received
  • Information: Inspiration or info about anything from Nutcracker makeup to conditioning routines that you can have to reference
  • Schedules: Your weekly, daily, or even monthly schedule to stay organized
  • Choreography:  Obviously.  Very useful for remembering it and having something to reference for the future.  This is something that I always do and it helps me tremendously!

Thanks for reading!  Always ask your questions in the comments.

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