Advantages: Blog Benefits + Exciting Ideas

Today I want to quickly remind you of some great things that you can do on this blog to help improve your experience.  Here are my recommendations:

My Twitter

I want to do a quick update recommending you all to something that I think would be a fantastic resource for you – my Twitter account.  By following it, you can get all of the recent updates about my blog, and, if you’re interested, a daily quick tip or little knowledge tid bit that I have to share with all of you.

For example, I just now posted a notification about updates to my Quizlet sets for ballet vocabulary and anatomy information.  If you follow my Twitter, you can receive that kind of information so that you can get the most out of this blog.

Blog Subscription

Also, by subscribing, you can receive email notifications every day of new posts.  I highly recommend it for efficiency and maximum improvement.  My ultimate goal is for this to be a resource for you to improve in ballet and connect with other dancers that want to do the same – community that builds strength with collaboration.

By subscribing, you can’t miss out on any of the exciting opportunities coming up, and you can give me the ability to maximize the wonders that this blog can do for you.


Newsletter Subscription

My newsletter is an awesome and more personal resource for you to connect with me through.  The more information the better in my book, so, by subscribing, you get many more benefits.  Why not?


Helping me with future possibilities…

Okay, so, to conclude, I have a few ideas I want to talk to you about.  Many of you are asking for more specific help and a substantial helping community and “curriculum” if you will in regards to the Quizlet sets I posted.  Read them here, here, and here.  BTW, the flashcard tag is HERE…new sets that I post will appear there for your reference.

I want to help you out, obviously.  I was thinking that we could create a class that you could join for a very cheap amount of money (this would depend on the number of students that sign up).  I would be able to monitor your progress, add flashcard voiceover to help your pronunciation of tricky ballet steps, add pictures and diagrams for my sets, and make it all much more interactive.  Please leave a comment telling me that you’re interested if you are curious.  Again, this is all up in the air still, but it is something that I am considering (it all depends on how many are interested).  So, comment away!

See you later! (tomorrow)

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