Nutcracker Journal: Thus Far

Hi everybody!  Today is my first ever Diary section post.  I’m excited to bring to you a Nutcracker journal of my experiences thus far in this Nutcracker season.  Enjoy!


This is my hair for our dress rehearsal on last Thursday (12/10/15) morning.  I danced party girl in the party scene and Harlequin in the 2nd act.  This is my party girl hair (for the tutorial on how to do this, please visit my Nutcracker Ringlets Hair Tutorial post).  I turned out really well, even though I was very nervous about it due to the length of my hair!


Ready to go onstage for party girl in this picture.  This photo also features a can of hairspray, my makeshift orange water-bottle, and plastic baggies full of makeup.  Despite the odd face, I thought that I would have to share this one to demonstrate what Nutcracker is really like for me!



This is an Instagram snapshot from @dahaggard (who is a company dancer with the Grand Rapids Ballet).  This is a picture of DeVos Performance Hall, where we dance Nutcracker every year.  For Thursday night’s dress rehearsal, all of the cast, including me, who was not dancing for the 2nd act got to sit at the very top balcony and watch the performance.  It was amazing and super fun…I think tickets up there should be more expensive instead of less expensive than those in the orchestra seating section!

An awesome stage makeup before/after from Wednesday morning.
In my Harlequin costume for Friday night’s 2nd weekend opening show.
At the gala with the GRB students at the Amway ballrooms.

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