Audition Advice for Dancers

Today I bring to you a much-discussed topic of auditions!  Summer intensive audition season is coming up, and I want my readers to be utmost prepared!  Here’s the advice I have to offer.

Know your stuff.  It can’t go well if you don’t read up on whatever school or performance you’re auditioning for.  So, by doing your research, you can easily find out what they’re looking for in a dancer.  Also, read up on the audition itself.  Know exactly what you should be bringing and what will be expected of you.

Prepare adequately.  Eat a good breakfast (and lunch, maybe), get enough sleep, etc, etc.  You know the drill!

Dress the part.  It never hurts to be “the girl with the red clip.”  Embrace that!  I recommend wearing a mute but still noticeable clip in your hair or softly colored leotard (if allowed, of course).  But, don’t go overboard with that and wear some insanely patterned leotard and tights that is barely even recognizable as the given article of clothing.  Please keep it sensible and reasonable!  Also, be neat and professional.  Keep your hair pulled into a flattering ballet style – bun, chignon, or french twist.  Make it neat, use hairspray, but don’t plaster your hair to your head – you still want to look human and friendly.  Wear the amount of makeup that you would wear to school, typically.  Make sure you look nice, maybe some stud earrings to finish off your appearance.  Again, keep it small and sensible while still noticeable.  Also, wear a flattering leotard!  Here’s a great video about Kathryn Morgan all about choosing a style that works well for you:

Get there on time (which means early).  Getting there at least 30 – 45 minutes early to warm up and prepare for the class is necessary in an audition, it demonstrates your professionalism and allows you to do your best.  It additionally allows time for you to get properly registered or signed in and find a place to stand.

At the audition…

  • Don’t compare yourself to others.  That can really freak you out and throw your technique off guard.  Stay focused and apply everything that you know from ballet classes throughout your whole life.
  • Know the combinations!  Focus on what the teacher is giving.  I have tips on this coming up soon.
  • Stand where they can see you.  Another benefit of coming in early is that you can choose a place where the teachers will be able to see you and your technique.  Stay visible at all times!
  • Be respectful and learn your etiquette!  Here you go: Class Etiquette post (This was my first post on this blog…#woah)
  • Courtesy and say thank you at the end!  Show your respect for the teacher, even if you didn’t have a great class.
  • Finally, think back to all of the technique you’ve learned.  It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the class and comparing yourself to the other dancers there.  Focus on what you’ve learned and remember what you’ve been taught.  Good luck!


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