Bonus: Sew your shoes

Here’s a quick overview of how to sew your pointe shoes:

  1. Place the ribbon, see my How To Prepare Pointe Shoes post.
  2. Thread the needle.  Stick the end through the small hole at the back of it and pull it through.  Make a knot by doing a regular one, only taking the double ribbon as a single.
  3. Push the needle through to the outside of the shoe, starting on the inside.  Start on the outer edge of the ribbon, just below where the seam is beneath the drawstring.
  4. Once it’s pulled through, push it back on top of the the drawstring, back into the shoe.  Make that just above where the thread came out of the shoe.
  5. Repeat with about 5-7 tight stitches.  To tie it off, get the needle on the inside of the shoe.  Instead of pushing it out, grab a bit of fabric with your needle, pull it through, and then loop the thread underneath the string leading from your last stitch to where you pulled that fabric.  Now repeat, just inserting your needle through the loop.

Again, for ribbon/elastic placement and other information, please see my how to Prepare your Pointe Shoes post.  (There is also a darning tutorial there!)  See ya.


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