Audition Results

Hi everybody!  This is just a quick update and follow-up to my weekend vlog that I did a while ago, that included my Joffrey audition.

Here is the vlog in case you missed it (it is an excellent prologue to this post:)

Also, I posted a full-on Joffrey Audition Experience blog post to help you if you are auditioning here.  It reviews in detail what the audition entailed and how you can prepare adequately.

Well, here goes the follow-up:

I GOT IN!  I am planning on going to the Joffrey’s summer intensive this year, and I’m very excited.  I put the video on my personal Instagram (@ellamariegoulet) of me finding out that I got in…it’s quite hilarious.  I hope you enjoy all of the resources I provide you with here already, and I’m very excited to be showing you more information after I learn it all at Joffrey’s summer intensive.


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