Leg Workout

Hi everybody!  Today is my long-awaited leg workout.  This will help improve your pointework, extensions, placement, turns, balance, and more!  It really helps every movement and aspect in your dancing.  I hope you enjoy the resources I’ve provided here and the workout video below!



  1. Attitude leg crunches
  2. Inner thigh pulses
  3. Clamshells
  4. Bridge series
    1. Classic
    2. Hip flexor contractions
    3. In, out, up routine
    4. Grand battements
  5. Tabletop series
    1. Side crunch, side extension
    2. High plank rocking


  • This is a great warm up before class or before light stretching at home.  I recommend doing this at any time of the day, and you don’t need to be warm before performing these exercises!
  • Focus on placement throughout the workout – don’t sacrifice posture and properness for height or range of motion.

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