Private Lessons

Private lessons…hhhmmm.  Much discussed.  What’s too much and what’s too little?  Today I’m going to help you find balance as well as discuss some things that you can do inside your actual lesson to help you get the most out of your experience.  Let’s jump right in and enjoy this bonus blog post and video.


Navigating Training and Improvement

What is a private lesson considered?

In my opinion, private lessons include training for competitions, private classes, creation of audition videos, and private conferences or seminars with your teachers.

Anything that involves only you and your teacher(s) at the lesson and you are getting more attention than you would be in a group setting is considered a private lesson.


A common question is “How many is too many private lessons?”  Well…my opinion, as I mentioned in my video, is that if private lessons make up 25% or more of your training, you need to cut it back, or ramp up on the group setting classes.

Another less-frequently asked question is, “How many private lessons should I be doing?”  I would say – schedule a private lesson when you are taking group classes with a certain teacher and you believe that they aren’t correcting you as much as they are other students.  The lesson can then either allow the teacher to have a realization that they need to continue correction you or help you recognize that you still haven’t applied the corrections they’ve been giving you.


I prefer to schedule private lessons with no other clases or rehearsals following them so that I have time to contemplate my corrections and write very thorough notes.  That way, I can correctly apply everything I learned for the next lesson or class I am doing.

If you do have a class or rehearsal scheduled following the private lesson, make sure you jot down as many notes as possible before you move on so that you don’t forget what you learned.

Thanks for reading this special bonus blog post!

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