Chapter 1

Today is very exciting!  A lot of you probably don’t know that I like to write.  I’ve been writing since I was TINY.

I’m going to be publishing a story on this blog on top of the informational blog posts that I are already going up.  You can expect a chapter every Sunday.

At the bottom of every chapter there will be a reading guide where I review the characters you were introduced to in the chapter, in addition to any important events that will be significant in the following chapter.

Anyways, let’s jump right into chapter 1:

(Download ch. 1 as a PDF HERE – no reading guide included)


Company ladies’ dressing room B

Aria stumbles through the hard swing door and landed with a humph on the marley floor.  Her eyes are covered with a teary mist.  She looks up into the glumly lit space to see mirrors reflecting off one another, a small, wooden ballet barre, well-worn and no longer glossy, and small dressing tables surrounding the cluttered walls.  The floor is littered with large bags and clothing.

A trio of three girls walks casually through the door, chattering amongst themselves, separating to different vanities.  One of them trots over to the panel of lights and flicks on one of them.

“I didn’t think that Priya was that amazing today.  Cayson said so, but I could see Enoch doubting him during the whole variation.  Cayson just loves her,” gossips one, sitting at her vanity, throwing bobby pins into a small pouch.

“I thought she was pretty good – the waltz was nice but during the pas de deux Ethan kept throwing her off,” says the one by the light panel, her hand hovering the switch, seemingly paused in time.

Frightened, Aria attempts to scooch toward the door on her side, trying not to make a sound.

“Hurry up, Rayna.  I need to do my eyeliner.”  The girl by the lightswitch flicks on the one on the far right.  The small, canned lights flash around the girls’ vanities.  Rayna turns abruptly and begins walking toward her vanity.

“AAAAHHHH!” she screams.

“What’s wrong with you?” says the one with the bobby pins, whirling around in her chair to see Aria lying on the floor, face red and wet with tears.

“Oh my goodness.  Honey, who are you?” she asks Aria as the other girl swivels in her chair.


“Why are you in our dressing room?” inquires Rayna, eyes squinting still from the flash of vanity lights, which are still buzzing.

“Because some girls can’t keep their hatred to themselves!” shouts Aria, abruptly standing.  She kicks open the swing door and storms out.

“Well, that was odd,” says the girl with the bobby pins.  “Do you wanna go after her, Liana?” she asks the third girl.

“Sure.  Rayna, go get Jaelyn ready for the second ballet.”

“Fine,” moans Rayna.  “You guys always get the interesting jobs.”

The American Ballet School library

“I’m going to kill her,” whispers Aria.

“Well, what do you expect?  Casting just came out and she’s in the corps,” says a girl dressed in sweatpants and a jacket, holding a stack of books from the other side of the shelving unit.

“I just don’t understand how somebody could do that.  Plus, I got to have a little chat with the company’s corps,” says Aria.

“Oh, really…” laughs the second girl.  “That seems very well-planned.”

“Goodness, Diem – I didn’t think you loved revenge that much.”

“Well, you thought wrong.  Let’s develop a plan after rehearsal,” whispers Diem.


The duet turns around to see two company members standing behind them, arms crossed.

“What were you doing in our dressing room?” asks the bobby pins girl.

“Nima, stop being so direct. They’re only students,” says the third girl that turned around.

Their gaze turns to Diem, Aria’s friend.  Nima recognizes something in Aria and then turns to Liana to whisper something.

“Let me go get your sister…” laughs Nima.

“Oh, don’t do that to her says a voice from the other shelving unit.  All four girls whirl around to see a young student standing behind them.

“Go away, Ember,” glares Aria.

“You’re just jealous because you’re in the corps,” says Diem.

Ember storms off.

“Was that Uri’s minion?” laughs Liana.

The company girls exit the library, laughing and gossiping.

“So, you did have a conversation, eh,” says Diem to Aria.



  • Comapany ladies’ dressing rooom A – A dressing room for corps de ballet members in the company of the American Ballet
  • American Ballet Schoool library – An area with books about ballet and ballet history for socializing and studying at the American Ballet School


  • Aria – A student at the American Ballet School
  • Diem – Aria’s best friend, also an ABS student
  • Rayna – The girl at the lightswitch, a corps de ballet member at the American Ballet, Friends with Nima and Liana
  • Nima – The girl with the bobby pins, a corps de ballet member at the American Ballet, Friends with Rayna and Liana
  • Liana – The third girl to turn around, a corps de ballet member at the American Ballet, Friends with Rayna and Nima
  • Ember – The girl that pushed Aria into the company dressing room, mean to Aria and Diem, is in the corps de ballet for the current ballet
  • Uri – Ember’s mother
  • Jaelyn – A company member at the American Ballet
  • Priya – A company member at the American Ballet
  • Cayson – An important figure at the AB/ABS
  • Enoch – An important figure at the AB/ABS

Things to remember:

  • Aria and Diem are enemies with Ember.
  • Ember has a mother in the company.
  • The company girls know Aria’s sister.
  • Aria and Diem are best friends.
  • Rayna, Nima, and Liana are in the corps de ballet and are members of dressing room B.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 1

  1. How great to read some of your fictional writing again! It’s been a while and it has always been well done! You’re off to a good start and I’m looking forward to another chapter on successive Sundays.

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