Chapter 2

Hello everybody, and welcome to today’s chapter of my short story that I’ve been writing.  Every Sunday I will be posting a chapter along with a reading guide included at the bottom.

If you missed Chapter 1, check it out here.

You can download chapter 2 as a pdf version HERE.  (Note: No reading guide is included.)


Aria and Diem’s dorm room

“But what could we possibly do to get back at her?” inquires Diem.

“You’re right, nothing could be as bad as being shoved into a company ladies’ dressing room,” notes Aria.

“True.  Just be thankful it wasn’t your sister’s.”

When Diem says that, Aria’s mind zooms into a montage of fear that has been there forever.  But, fear always gives good revenge.

“Aha!” says Diem a bit louder than she should.

“Sssshhhhhh,” Aria says, smiling and laughing at the same time.  “Are we on the same page?”

“I do believe so,” says Diem, celebratory.

“Okay.  We’ll develop a plan tomorrow morning before class.  Think about it as you sleep.”

A taxi in New York City

Priya’s nose wicks the cool, frosty air as the yellow taxi halts to a stop due to a large traffic jam ahead.  “Jaelyn, do you think Cayson will be made about today?”

“I don’t know.  Personally, I think it was all Ethan’s fault.”

“Okay, I just want to show him that I don’t need an amazing partner to make it in these principal roles,” says Priya.

“Honey, just be grateful that you’re in a principal role.  I’m just a soloist,” says Jaelyn.

“Exactly.  You’re a corps member doing soloist roles and I’m a soloist doing principal roles.  It’s all equal,” laughs Priya at Jaelyn’s poor judgement.

“Except we’re both 23.  I’m a corps member and you’re a soloist.”

“Well, that’s because I’m better than you at everything, and I moved to ABS when I was only 10 years old because I’m actually dedicated to this career,” shouts Priya.

Jaelyn doesn’t say a word about the inference made by Priya.  All she says is, “I’ll get a ride with Rayna tomorrow.  Don’t bother me tonight.”

The next morning: Aria and Diem’s dorm room

Diem tosses some bobby pins into a tin can sitting on the marble vanity.  She sniffs the cool morning air inside their dorm room, and her face contorts.

“Aria, you aren’t performing Swan Lake!  Cut it out with the hairspray!” she yells into the other bathroom over the sound of the gross material squirting out of Aria’s green bottle.

“Chloe told me that we have Cayson today!!!” yells Aria in fear.

Diem’s conversation stops and she pauses, staring blankly into the mirror.  “Nevermind!!!” she shouts in Aria’s direction, starting to panic.  She throws those extra bobby pins in her hair, changes into her finest leotard, and takes off her Bloch Booties that Cayson absolutely hates.

“We’ll do a plan over lunch.  Let’s get ready!” says Aria, clearly hyperventilating.



  • Aria and Diem’s dorm room: Aria and Diem are students at the American Ballet School.  They are roommates.
  • A taxi in New York City: The American Ballet is in New York City.  It is assumed that Jaelyn and Priya are taking the taxi back to their apartment.


  • Aria: Student at ABS
  • Diem: Studenta at ABS, best friends with Aria
  • Chloe: Somebody that Aria is close with, has authority over Aria
  • Priya: The girl that the three corps girls from chapter 1 were gossiping about.  Partnered with Ethan – she didn’t do very well.  Not very nice!  A soloist with ABC.
  • Jaelyn: Priya’s best friend (although they do have some fights).  A corps member with ABC.
  • Cayson: The assumed artistic director of the American Ballet.

Important things to remember:

  • It is known that Aria has a sister in the company.
  • Priya didn’t do very well in the rehearsal or performance that evening.
  • Aria and Diem want to get back at Ember for shoving Aria in the company ladies’ dressing room (chapter 1).


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