Workout for Extensions

Hi everyone!  Today is my workout for higher and better extensions in ballet.  I’m really excited to be sharing this video and writing with you.

Workout video

Exercises done

  1. Inner thigh/hip series
    1. Attitude hip flexor crunch
    2. Inner thigh pulse
    3. Clamshells
    4. Shortened bridge series
  2. Hamstring stretch
  3. Clamshells with thera band
  4. Ground extensions

A few tips and notes

  • This is better to do after light strengthening or a barre.  You do not need to be completely warm because we begin to with some strengthening in the beginning, but it’s good to follow after a barre because of the stretching involved.
  • High extensions require flexibility in all areas.  You can improve your general flexibility by checking out my Stretching Workout and Flexibility Guide.
  • The more you do this workout, the better your extensions will be.  Things improve with practice and hard work!
  • Check out my technique tip on extensions and développés by clicking HERE.  These are just exercises to help you be able to do the techniques mentioned in that blog post.

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