Chapter 3

Hi everybody!  Today is the third chapter of my ballet story that I have been writing.  Check out all of the chapters by going to

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“Aria, stay pulled up,” says Cayson.

Aria, nervous, nods her head in agreement, turning beet red.

“Why do you look so nervous?” he asks her.

Aria whips her head around mid-tendu to look at Cayson, standing behind her with his arms crossed.  She mumbles quietly as her eyes widen.  You aren’t supposed to speak in ballet class.

“I’m – I’m not nervous.”

“Okay…” mumbles Cayson, obviously concerned.

Between combinations, Aria and Diem look at eachother with confusion and concern.  The communication between them says,

“Does that mean he doesn’t like me?”

“I don’t know.”

“We’ll talk about it after class.”

Both of them, through their silent communication, missed the next barre combination to be showed.  They followed Ember for dégagé, who always stood in the front.

After class, Cayson stops Aria from picking up her pile of goods and exiting the studio.

“Put that down,” he says.

Aria sets her stuff down a 1/4 of the way outside of the studio and stand back up abruptly, her warm ups and thera bands resting at her feet.

“Sit down for a minute,” Cayson says, motioning to the chair in the front of the room where the ballet master usually sits.

Aria is so obedient that she doesn’t even notice the thoughts of fear and concern racing through her head.  Her only wish is to be exact and perfect in front of Cayson.

“Aria,” he says, “I cannot work with you if you cannot work with me.”  He stares blankly at her face, offering no further explanation.

“Ah…I’m confused, sir,” mumbles Aria.

“You seem overly afraid, overly accusing me of judging your dancing and work ethic.  I’m here to make you a better dancer, not to control your life with fear and misery of my presence.  I need you to think of me as a friend, not as somebody to be afraid of.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Now, in my briefcase, I have a company contract with your name pre-filled and the role selected as an apprentice.  I have been planning to hand that company contract to you for several months.”

Aria’s face turns redder than it was during petit allegro as she stares out the window where her friends are gossiping and pointing at her with Cayson.

“But, before I can give you that contract, you must promise me one thing.”  Cayson stops talking.

“Um…did you want me to guess?”

“I was going to have you guess, but then I realized that you were never going to get it.  Anyways, never call me sir again.”

Cayson sets the contract on the seat where he was sitting, stands, gathers his briefcase, and exits the door.  On the contract there is a sticky note that says, “Give to Company secretary.”

Aria grabs a pen from the pianist’s table and signs the contract.  She looks up briefly at Ember and Diem sitting outside the door, and then grabs the contract.  She stands abruptly, and exits quickly, leaving all of her stuff in the studio.

As she dashes out the door, Ember’s voice fades off into the background, “Woah…did she get kicked out or something?  I mean…that usually do that when you’re a 4…not a 6.  Woah.”

Reading guide

There were no new characters mentioned in this chapter.

Important things to remember:

  • Aria is now an apprentice with the National Ballet.


  • Ballet class at the NBS.

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