Turnout Workout

Hi everybody!  Today I’m here with my turnout workout video.  This is the corresponding workout to my Improving Turnout blog post.  In that post I offered some exercises, but now I’m creating those, plus some new ones, into a follow-along workout format.  Enjoy!

The workout

The exercises

  1. Inner thigh hip flexor crunch
  2. Adductor pulses
  3. Clamshells with resistance band
  4. Lateral grand rond de jambe
  5. Passé elevations
  6. Tabletop series
    1. Lateral leg swings
    2. Crunch and extension

A few tips

  • These are great exercises to do before class to warm up your hips and work on improving your rotation for the remainder of the class.
  • You don’t need to be pre-warm to do these exercises, they are a warm up in themselves!  Plus, we start off easy.  So, this is great to do before dynamic or static stretching.
  • Make sure to check out my technique tip on Improving Turnout to see how you can use all of this strength!
  • It’s important that you stretch your hips in addition to strengthening them so you can improve your turnout.  You can check out my follow-along Stretching Workout or my Flexibility Guide under the hips section for stretches you can do for improving your turnout.

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