Mini Pointe Class

Hi everybody!  Today is another very exciting workout video.  A long while ago, on my newsletter, I did a small pointe exercises follow-along video.  Today is edition #2 of that, this time available to the entire world on my blog.  So, without further ado, my mini follow-along pointe class.

The workout

(By the way, please excuse the terrible cover photo above – I was having some technical difficulties.)

The exercises

  • 32 Prances
  • 16 Roll-ups in parallel
  • 32 Relevés in 1st position
  • 16 Relevés in coupé
  • Échappé pas de bourrée combination
    • 2 échappés alisicon
    • Relevé coupé devant
    • Tombé to coupé derrière
    • Ballonné
    • Pas de bourrée (don’t change)
  • Ballonné relevé combination
    • Relevé coupé derrière
    • Plié in coupé
    • Ballonné
    • Ballonné
    • Relevé coupé derrière
    • Repeat
  • (Left side of combination)
  • Roll-ups in 1st position

My tips

  • Never do this cold!  I recommend doing this after a barre, full class, or very sufficient resistance-band-included foot and leg warm up.  Doing pointe cold could lead to serious injury.
  • Make sure you have your teacher’s approval.  Although these are only simple exercises facing the barre, you should always make sure that your teachers are okay with you practicing these things at home.  If you haven’t done it in class, never do it at home.
  • These exercises should not be done on dead pointe shoes!  Never, ever dance on dead shoes.  A lot of people take these kinds of exercise videos as “home exercises you do on dead shoes to strengthen your feet.”  No!  You can either do these exercises on broken-in shoes or new shoes to break them in.  I repeat, never do anything on dead shoes.

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