My Ballet Journal + Binder

Hi everyone!  Today’s blog post is a follow-up to my Ballet Journaling blog post, where I offer my tips and tricks as well as ideas for creating your own ballet journal.

In addition to a tour of my ballet journal, I will also take you through my binder today, where I have logs, corrections, production information, and more.

Without further ado, let’s get right into this very informational blog post.

The journal

First up, we have my ballet journal.  My ballet journaling blog post is linked above where we go through my recommendations and ideas for starting your own journal.

For formatting, I like to use highlighters.  The list below contains the sections that I use in my journal and their corresponding color:

  • Notes (class or rehearsal) – yellow
  • Choreography – pink
  • Reflections – blue
  • Information – orange

For each new day I write in my journal, I write the date as follows:

Monday 1/1

Beneath that, I create a title for each individual entry into my journal.  Usually, each day contains the following entry types:

  • Notes (From each ballet class I take)
  • Choreography (From whatever ballet I’m learning at the time)
  • Reflection (A review of the day)

At the beginning of my journal, I have a formatting page that includes templates for each type of entry and my color-coding system.  Here’s a photo of it:


(BTW…my info section is orange because my green highlighter died.)

Here’s a final photo of my notebook:


My binder

My binder is one of the crown-jewels of my organizational skills!  It contains the following sections:

  • Logs
  • Productions
  • Evaluations
  • Corrections
  • Resources

The logs section contains my nutrition and conditioning logs.  Each of my logs is very much customized to my needs and what I need to keep track of as far as nutrition and conditioning goes – but you can definitely use it as a template to craft your own.  Here are the links to each of my logs:

Nutrition Log

Conditioning Log

I print off a new copy of each every Sunday and stick them in my binder to use throughout the week.

Next up, we have the Productions section.  This is where I keep my performance packets for each of the productions that we do.  You can download a general template for my performance packets below:

Productions Template

Here is another example of my production packets:

2016 Snow White Production Packet

Next, I have my evaluations section.  This is where I keep the written evaluations that my teachers give me every semester.  I have them hole-punched and kept here all the way back to my first year of Level 2 (2011).  Woah.

I don’t do anything special to these evaluations – I just keep them handy and read them over occasionally.

Next up, my absolute favorite section.  The corrections!  I spent a while typing up my corrections since June of 2015.  From every class.  Now, I record my corrections in a spreadsheet every month before printing it all out and inputting it into my binder.  They are very large sections, and each note contains the following information:

  • Teacher
  • Step
  • Note

You can download an example of my correction spreadsheets below:

Correction Spreadsheet Example

Finally, I have my information section.  This section is made up of a collection of useful resources for me to have that I use on a weekly basis for reference.  Sometimes I print off blog posts that I have written here, but other times I create separate informational writing for my own reference.  Below is an example of something I have in my Resources section:

Choreography Notation

Finally, here are a few photos of my binder:

Thanks for touring my ballet journal and notebook with me today!  You can expect informational blog posts and videos from me every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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7 thoughts on “My Ballet Journal + Binder

  1. Hello Ella Marie, this is an excellent post. This post showed a ballet journal can be beyond decorated scrapbooks of ballet photos, news articles, performance brochures and ticket stubs. I appreciate you sharing real life examples, spreadsheets & templates. The content will help me create and maintain a very useful ballet journal. The tips recorded in the corrections spreadsheets are amazing. I received many of the same corrections, tips and pointers too. Now I am going to read all your other blog posts. Will follow & subscribe. Cheers.

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