Chapter 5

Hi everyone!  Today is chapter 5 of my ballet story.

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Aria and Diem’s dorm room

“Ah, Diem, I have something to tell you,” says Aria quietly.

“Yeah?” says Diem, as if they were never friends, as if Aria is an alien.

“Well…I wish I didn’t…but I have a new apartment.”

“Oh.  Okay.”

With that, the girls exit the living space and climb into their bunks.  Aria pulls a sleep mask over her tired eyes and Diem lies awake, eyes open and ears alert.

Aria and Chloe’s house

Chloe’s snowflake-covered brown jacket keeps her thin shoulders warm as she walks past the large buildings of New York City and hops down the cement stairwell and into the subway.  She acknowledges the citizens of the city as they walk past her with a gentle smile and a quick and bashful return to her book.

But, if you looked closer at this discreet girl, you would notice that her National Ballet ID reads “Chloe, Soloist.”  You would also notice that the books this girl reads consist of of topics such as anatomy, ballet technique, and famous ballets.  She reads other things, of course, but this is typically her go-to stash.

As this girl travels home, her mother is at her central park apartment, fixing things and preparing a new bedroom.   Chloe doesn’t know these things.

When Chloe arrives home and sees her mother smiling at her in her dining room, she unexpectedly replies, “Um…hi?”

Her mother, a warm and nursing smile on her face, walks toward her daughter.  “Chloe, dear,” she says softly, “I’m afraid it’s time for a new guest of yours.”

“A new…guest?”

“Oh…I’m sorry.  I believe I used the wrong word.  This guest will be a permanent one for now.  Your sister, Aria, has been promoted to an apprentice with the National Ballet.”

Chloe’s face contorts from a typical bland and blank expression to something else, something that means the she know something now that she will never forget, but her face still appears bland and blank.

“So, that’s why you’re here,” whispers Chloe.  “I have to go.”

National Ballet company class

As you glance around the room during company class, you see Chloe standing next to Liana, Nimah, and Rayna, the trio that encountered Aria.  On the other side of the room, you see Jaelyn and Priya standing next to eachother, through all of their fights.  You also see Ethen playing the piano, followed by Enoch demonstrating the combination and Cayson sitting in a chair, taking notes.

Aria, the new apprentice who seems very lost, stands in the corner and pays pristine attention to the combination being demonstrated.  She’s lonely, but she has a lot in store.

Reading guide


  • Chloe: Aria’s sister, soloist with National Ballet
  • Enoch: Ballet master at the National Ballet
  • Ethen: Painist at the National Ballet


  • Aria and Diem’s dorm room: A room for students at the NBS to stay in
  • Aria and Chloe’s house: This house used to be just Chloe’s, but now that Aria’s an apprentice, she can no longer stay in the NBS dorms.  So, she’s moving in with Chloe, her sister.
  • NB company class: Morning class for company members at the NB.

Things to remember:

  • Aria and Chloe are sisters that are now living together.
  • Diem now lives in the dorms alone.
  • Aria doesn’t have any friends in the company or at the school.
  • Chloe is friends with Liana, Nimah, and Rayna.
  • Jaelyn and Priya are still good friends.

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