Basic Stage Makeup

Hi everybody!  In today’s blog post we’re overviewing how to do basic stage makeup for kids and teens.  This is just the minimal – certain roles may require you to add more or do special decorations, but this is just for a basic role.  Enjoy!

Part 1: Face

The first step to basic stage makeup is correctly applying facial makeup.  The goal of facial makeup is not to make perfect skin – it’s to erase any odd features or blemishes that may be pronounced and distracting under the stage lights.

Start with a liquid foundation.  I use the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mouse Airbrush Finish.  It’s lightness number 4.


Start by applying small splotches on your forehead, nose, each cheek, chin, and neck.


Then, rub it in evenly to create a thin but substantial coat.


Next, we will do powder.  I use the Revlon Photoready #10 foundation powder in fair/light.


Apply this evenly to your face to erase any blemishes.



Finally for the face, we’ll apply a blush.  I use the Revlon blush #8 in Racy Rose.

Apply this in a thin coat going diagonally across your cheek bone.  Make sure use a fluffy brush.  I also like to apply lightly to my chin, nose, and top of my forehead.  The purpose of blush in stage makeup is to add some color so that you don’t look like a ghost onstage.

Part 2: Eyes

To start off with the eyes, it’s important to apply an eyeshadow primer.  I use the Loreal #803 in Seashell.


Apply this evenly across your entire eyelid and up to your eyebrow.  For a brush, I use the Elf Professional Defining Eye Brush.  Just so you know, lots of it will end up getting on your eyelashes, but that’s okay!  We’ll cover it up later with mascara.


Next, I use my Revlon eyeshadow pallette #500.  Starting with color number 2, I go over my entire eyelid and crease.




Next, I use number 4 as a liner and in my crease.


Then, I fill in my eyebrows with number 1.


Next, I use my Neutrogena nourishing eyeliner.


I line the top and bottom of my eyes.  It’s important that you use brown eyeliner if you have lighter colored hair and black for darker colored hair.


Finally for the eyes, I apply my Almay one coat triple effect mascara.


It’s important that you apply it evenly and wiggle the wand as you move it upwards.


Step 3: Lips!

Finally, I apply my Maybelline lipstick 105 in pink wink.

I make sure to apply it evenly and put on chapstick beforehand.



Thanks for reading and following my stage makeup tutorial!  Expect informational blog posts here on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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