Core Workout

Hi everybody!  Today is another workout for your core area.  I did an Abdominal Workout a while ago, but this workout will focus on your entire core (abdominals and lower back).  Enjoy!

Workout video


  1. 25 Pilates leg lowers
  2. 15 Pilates leg extensions
  3. 16 prone leg lifts
  4. 25 crunches
  5. 25 elevated crunches
  6. 40 controlled bicycles
  7. 10 back ups
  8. Battement supine leg lowers

Tips and advice

  • Do this as a warm up!  I do these exercises as my warm up for my core every day before class.  It’s a good one because it provides balance across all of the core muscles, making for really good placement and control throughout barre.
  • Stretch your abs and back afterwards.  A good cat-cow is good after this to stretch everything out and release any tension.
  • Stretch your neck afterwards.  Lots of crunches can often times contract your neck muscles, making for tension and restricting of head movements.  This looks quite choppy when you’re dancing.  Newsletter subscribers received a list of neck stretches yesterday in your email to correspond with this blog post.

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