April Challenge

Hi everyone!  Today is a very, very special blog post: my April Challenge.  My last “challenge” that I did was my Holiday Break Conditioning Schedule, but this one is going to be more involved and much, much more grand.  Enjoy!

The Details

There will be a weekly calendar, or log, for you to download and print out to use.  All of the weekly calendars are listed here.  You will get reminders to participate and weekly calendar links if you are subscribed to my exclusive emails (go get subscribed and receive a free 33-page ballet dictionary.  Why not?)

This blog post will also be on the slideshow at the top of my blog throughout the entire challenge for your easy access.

The challenge starts Monday 4/4 (it’s just a lot easier to do it by week.  Take this weekend to get rested and nourished before you start!)

Each calendar or log will include the following:

  • Daily fitness activities
  • Daily food and water tracker
  • Variations to fitness activities
  • Space to include your own scheduled ballet classes

Download the calendars!

Click the link below to go to the media file for the calendar.  You can either print it right from there or download the media file and print it from your computer.





How to use the calendars

I thought that I would briefly overview how to use the calendars properly to make things a bit simpler for you guys.  So…

The first column is the Fitness column.  The exercises and workouts listed beneath each day should be completed in that day only, and once you’re done go ahead and check it off.

The Injury Prevention column is meant to keep your muscles healthy and help you avoid fatigue.  It will involve massage, ankle stabilization exercises, and epsom salt baths only.  Again, go ahead and check off the box as soon as the exercise or workout has been completed.

The third column is the Nutrition column.  Record the main dish of each meal you ate that day in addition to any other major snacks or notable foods.  Next to the water symbol, put the number of glasses you drank that day.

Go ahead and print off a new calendar every Sunday to record your new data for the week.  You can then use the data that you’ve collected to find out workout routines and snacks that allow you to dance your best.  But, in order to do this, you will also need to track your ballet class reflections.  I do this in my ballet journal beneath all of my corrections for the day, but you can really do it on the back of your calendar or in any notebook.


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