Importance of Headpiece Pins

Hey guys!  I’m really tired this week because I’ve had rehearsals until 8:30 every night and performances all morning, so I haven’t the time to write a fantastic and in-depth blog post.

And, my headpiece fell out during performance.  WAIT, BUT THERE’S A BUT!  I had pinned it in, so it stayed attached to my head anyways (Even though it’s flopping around in the back by my neck was kind of unnatural.  Whatever.  I’m proud of myself.)

So, today we’ll discuss 5 reasons why you should ALWAYS pin in your headpiece.

1. Keep it attached.  If you are letting your headpiece flop off your head uncontrollably and it lands on the ground, that looks much more catastrophic than it simply becoming disconnected.  As long as you can keep it on your head, it looks good, in my opinion.

2. No forgetting.  If you accidentally just totally leave your headpiece onstage because you had no idea that it fell off, you’ve got some serious director problems to deal with when you come offstage.  So, keeping at attached to your head ensures that you don’t forget it.

3. No tripping.  If you leave your headpiece lying on the stage either in your scene or for the next one, people may not see it and totally trip on it, fall, break their leg, and not be able to dance for 5 months.  Don’t be that person.  Please.

4. Security.  Let’s face it – turning with your headpiece pinned in is a lot more fun that turning with it loose.  It’s true.

5. Street creds.  Just like me, next time your headpiece half falls out on stage, you can brag about all of those reasons above, and say, “Haha – I did the right thing and pinned it in – YOU’RE WELCOME!!!”

That’s my rant. 😉


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