Pointe Shoe Sewing

Hello everybody.  Today I finally bring to you my in-depth pointe shoe sewing tutorial for beginners or intermediate sewers who need a refresher.

I know this has been long awaited, so let’s jump right into it.

Watch below:

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Pointework basics

Coming up on Friday is how to break in your shoes!

Basic step breakdown

  1. Thread your needle
  2. Whip stitches going down side
  3. Whip or saddle stitches going across bottom
  4. Whip stitches going up other side
  5. Loop stitches rotating below and on top of drawstring case
  6. Tie off

3 thoughts on “Pointe Shoe Sewing

    1. Thanks for reading! It is a lot of work. During the year, I go through about 1 a month and during summer intensives about 1 a week. But, again, that changes depending on the repertoire I’m working on and how many classes I’ll be taking.

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