Coming Soon…

Hi everyone!  Today is a quick extra update post to let you know about what’s coming up soon here on my blog and for my newsletter subscribers.

New newsletter gifts!  As most of you probably know, subscribers to my newsletter get a free 33-page ballet dictionary.  But, coming up soon, I’m working on completely re-vamping and updating the dictionary to fit your needs and be much more accurate.  This should happen in only a few weeks, so get excited and make sure to subscribe to my newsletter now so you can now as soon as possible when it comes out.

Better quality videos.  With new equipment and greater editing time, my video quality will improve and you’ll be able to watch and learn better and faster.  Get excited!

So you don’t miss these updates, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter here to get exclusive emails and a free dictionary and follow my blog down below in the blue area to receive updates of new posts.

See you guys on Monday with a brand new blog post and video!

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