All About R & J

Hi everybody!  Today is another All About the Ballet – this time we’re doing Romeo and Juliet!  (a.k.a. R & J.)  You can use this as you watch the ballet to help you navigate the scenes and understand everything.  It’s also a good reference if you want to recognize famous scenes.  Enjoy!


  1. Introduction


Scene 1

  1. Romeo
  2. The Street Awakens
  3. Morning Dance
  4. The Quarrel
  5. The Fight
  6. The Duke’s Command
  7. Interlude

Scene 2

  1. At The Capulets’
  2. The Young Juliet
  3. Arrival of the Guests
  4. Masks
  5. Dance of the Knights
  6. Variation: Juliet
  7. Mercuito
  8. Madrigal
  9. Departure of the Guests
  10. Pas de deux: Balcony
  11. Variation: Romeo
  12. Love Dance


Scene 3

  1. Folk Dance
  2. Romeo and Mercuito
  3. Dance of the Five Couples
  4. Dance with Mandolins
  5. The Nurse
  6. The Nurse & Romeo

Scene 4

  1. Romeo at Friar Laurence’s
  2. Juliet at Friar Laurence’s

Scene 5

  1. Public Merrymaking
  2. Further Public Festivities
  3. Meeting of Tybalt and Mercuito
  4. The Duel
  5. Death of Mercuito
  6. Death of Tybalt
  7. Act II Finale


  1. Introduction

Scene 6

  1. Romeo and Juliet
  2. The Last Farewell
  3. The Nurse
  4. Juliet Refuses to Marry Paris
  5. Juliet Alone
  6. Interlude

Scene 7

  1. At Friar Laurence’s
  2. Interlude

Scene 8

  1. Again in Juliet’s Bedroom
  2. Juliet Alone
  3. Aubade
  4. Dance of the Girls with Lillies
  5. At Juliet’s Bedside

ACT VI (Epilogue)

  1. Romeo at the Tomb of Juliet
  2. Death of Juliet



This play is set in Verona, Italy.  It begins with a street brawl between the Capulets’ and Montagues’ servants, who are sworn enemies.  The families have been in opposition over many generations.  The Prince of Verona interferes and threatens death over any more conflicts between the families – he wants peace.  Count Paris talks to Capulet about marrying his daughter, Juliet.  Capulet asks him to wait and attend the Capulet ball.  Meanwhile, Juliet’s nurse and Lady Capulet are trying to convine Juliet to accept Paris’s marriage.

Meanwhile, Benvolio is talking to Romeo about his depression.  Benvolio is the cousion of Romeo, who is Montague’s son.  They suspect it is because of his wish for the marriage of Rosaline (one of Capulet’s nieces).  He then sneaks into the ball at the Capulets’ in hopes of meeting Rosaline.  Instead, he meets Juliet, the daughter of Capulet.  But, Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt, recognizes Romeo as a Montague and is enraged that he had sneaked into the ball.  But, Juliet or Capulet (depending on the version) separates the two.  After the ball, Romeo and Juliet dance the balcony pas de deux after Romeo had snuck into the garden of the Capulets’.  They agree to be married.


Romeo and Juliet go to Friar Laurence’s to be married.  Laurence agrees to marry them only because he wishes their two families be united in their children.

Tybalt is still enraged that Romeo snuck into the Capulet ball.  He challenges Romeo to a duel, but Romeo refuses because he now considers Tybalt of blood relations.  Mercuito, Romeos’ cousin, doesn’t think this correct and accepts the duel on Romeo’s behalf.  Mercuito is beaten very hard, and upon breaking up the fight, Romeo kills Tybalt on Mercuito’s behalf.  The families argue that Romeo should be kept or go – and the Prince finally agrees to deport him from Verona.


Romeo and Juliet say their last goodbyes.  Capulet tries to marry Juliet and Paris, but Juliet refuses, much to Capulet’s dismay.  He threatens to disown her.

Juliet visits Friar Laurence’s for help, as she wishes to stay with Romeo.  He gives Juliet a potion that will cause her to go into a temporary coma.  He said that he would have a messenger to go inform Romeo of the plan.

But, the messenger never reaches him.  After Juliet takes the potion, Romeo discovers her apparent death from his servant.  He quickly travels to the Capulets.  But, he sees Paris grieving privately, and, upon Paris’s attempt to attack him, Romeo kills him.  He then goes to Juliet and sees her dead, apparently.  He drinks a poision he had bought earlier.  Juliet then wakes up to see Romeo dead and stabs herself.

Thanks for using this blog post as a reference!



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