Vlog: May 19

Hi everybody!  Today is another bonus blog post and video.  This is my vlog from Thursday, May 19.  It is the day after my May 18 vlog that is linked below the video.  I do lots of interesting things – I go shopping for Joffrey summer program, I stretch outside, give you a tour of our miniature garden, and go to ballet.  Enjoy!

LINKS: (in order by reference)

May 18 Vlog

Kathryn Morgan: Summer Courses pt. 2

Joffrey: Weekend Vlog

Joffrey: Audition Experience

Joffrey: Audition Results

Tazo Tea: Orange Chiffon

So Danca Jazz Shoes

Capezio Character Shoes

So Danca Ballet Shoes

Bunheads Hairnets

Grishko 2007 Pointe Shoes

KH Martin Thera Band

Suffolk Alignment Belt

Bodywrappers Black Shorts

Kathryn Morgan: 20 Minute Leg Toning Workout



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