Ankle Stabilization Workout

Hi everybody!  Today’s workout is for ankle stabilization.  These exercises can help improve your adagio, pointework, and arch flexibility and strength.  You will need various materials for this workout, so please see the corresponding list before beginning the workout.


  • Resistance band
  • Hard flooring (marley, wood, tile, etc.)
  • Wobble board / trampoline / yoga mat with towels – Any unstable surface


  • Flexed push-downs with resistance band
  • Pointed push-downs with resistance band
  • Downward rolling push-downs with resistance band
  • Upward rolling push-downs with resistance band
  • Plié series with elevated heels
    • Two legs
    • One leg
  • Trampoline / wobble board balance series


  • Do all of these exercises with correct form.  You will be more likely to overuse your ankle and possibly damage your muscles if you’re counterbalancing and not supporting yourself.  Do them correctly – don’t just do them for the sake of doing them.
  • Keep your abdominals engaged.  This will take pressure off your ankle and keep your body stable and supported.  It also represents what a need for ankle stabilization would be in a ballet class.
  • If you had an ankle or foot injury and you’re just coming back, do it slowly.  Don’t jump into these exercises as soon as you get your cast off.  Listen to your doctor or physical therapist and take it one step at a time.  You may just end up injuring yourself even more.


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