Summer Program Week 1

Today I wanted to do a quick reflection on how my summer program is going and my experiences so far.  I’m going to Joffrey Chicago for the 5-week international summer dance intensive.

I arrived this past Sunday and moved into my Aunt and Uncle’s house in a suburb of the city.  I got everything all set up – and my mom stayed with me for the first 3 days or so. I just got equated with my new surroundings on Sunday and went for ice cream with my little cousin.

Monday was the first day of the intensive.  I immediately loved it.  I thought that I would be at the bottom of the todem pole compared to the other girls just because it was a new location and I hadn’t gone to any other schools for ballet before, so I didn’t know what to expect.  But, I turned out to be pretty good for my age group.

The first two days were placement days so they could assign us a level.  We were assorted by age for the first to days for all of our classes, and they didn’t move anyone up or down in my age group when the placements came out.

I immediately loved all the classes.  It’s great how I have such a large variety of classes to experience.  Just on my first day I had ballet, pointe, contemporary repertoire, classical repertoire, and modern.  The second day I also got to do jazz and character.  We also got to do variations and partnering.  I had never taken jazz, character, parterning, or modern before!  I loved them all. 🙂

Things are going really, really well and I’m loving all the teachers and classes that I’m taking.  It’s been an AMAZING experience for the first few weeks and I love the variety of dancing that we do.  I’m excited for the next four – and I’m going to hate leaving!

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