Summer Program Week 2

Today’s blog post is my reflection of week 2 at the Joffrey Academy of Dance International Summer Dance Intensive.

It’s going so great so far.  I’m loving all of the classes and the teachers.  I’ve already learned so much, and can see a difference in my technique.  I’ve noticed that my turns have improved slightly, but my barre work, placement, turnout control, and strength are just going through the roof.

I’m getting used to the whole schedule and commute now, I didn’t have any problems this week.  It’s still difficult for me to get over the fact that I walk past the Willis Tower every morning and cross the Chicago River…I think downtown has always been an amazing place.  The big buildings and skyscrapers just get me in the zone to do some amazing dancing!

I went shopping at Motionwear Unlimited Dancewear downtown this past weekend.  It was an amazing store – they had Grishko booties, which I’ve always wanted.  Unlike Bloch booties, which are slick, they have fur on the inside!  I got some new tights and ballet shoes, Sanshas instead of So Dance this time, and a really cute wrap sweater that I’ve been wearing way too often, haha.

Today I’m wearing Lululemon studio pants and an oversized gray/white t-shirt over my uniform to go on the train and walk downtown.  I always change into some shorts and something cooler and more comfortable for the walk home, just because it is almost always quite sticky and hot at that time.

Some of my favorite classes this week were partnering and contemporary repertoire. I learned a lot in partering and we really figured out some tactics that could help us.  Here’s a tip for partering – make sure you’re communicating!  If you’re off your leg or feel like you’re going to fall, just say something and then you guys will talk to eachother and figure out what the problem is.  That’s how you work well together.

I also loved contemporary repertoire – we are doing some really fun combinations to music that makes me click.  When we started putting all of the phrases together in a dance for the showcase at the end, a girl got to climb up a wall (I don’t know how to explain it, so let’s just leave it at that).

Thanks for reading today’s blog post, and I’ll see you on Monday with another informational, helpful one.  Bye!

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