Summer Program Week 3

Hi everyone!  Today I’m giving you my week 3 Joffrey summer intensive reflection.

Week 3 went really, really well.  We were at a different building, on Wabash rather than the Joffrey tower.  It was nice – I do prefer the more spacious and beautiful studios at the Joffrey, but the location was okay.

Our dance about Pompeii in contemporary repertoire is coming along very nicely.  The soundtrack that our teacher put together is very reflective of the realistic events that occurred in the explosion.

In classical repertoire, we learned a new piece, the Fantastic Waltz from Raymonda.  We just started putting the dance together, and I don’t know which part I do yet. But it was fun learning all the phrases and steps!

In variations class, we learned the Bluebird female variation from Act 3 of the Sleeping Beauty.  I liked the version that we did – it was one of the more challenging ones.  I thought I danced the variation pretty well!

I’m continuing to develop my technique and strength very quickly with all of the technique and pointe classes we have. I’ve noticed that I’ve done a great job working to improve on the sides – I show great development of the technique of the combination the second time through.  I’m improving very fast!

We are still enjoying modern, character, jazz, and Pilares classes in addition to classical and contemporary ones.  It’s all been really fun!

I’m going home this weekend to see my family and friends!  I’m writing this on my iPhone as I sit in the ballet lobby with a dance bag and a suitcase next to me!

You can keep up with my trip home and the remaining 2 weeks of the summer program by adding me on Snapchat @ella_goulet and Instagram @ellamariegoulet.  Also remember that I post frequently to my blog and professional Instagram @gouletballet.  Have a great weekend everybody!

2 thoughts on “Summer Program Week 3

  1. Hi Ella, Sounds like you’ve had an amazing experience so far, I’m so happy for you & so proud of you, Love you, Aunt Mary

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