Inner Thigh Workout

Your inner thighs are one of the most important muscles in ballet.  They are a huge help when it comes to turnout in extensions, or any time your leg is the working leg rather than the standing.  They are also power muscles, and therefore helpful during jumps and other big movements in the ballet repertoire.

Today’s resource for you is an innner thigh workout.  This can help improve your turnout, jumps, turns, and over all technique.  I hope it is super helpful to you, and let’s dive right in!

Watch below


  1. Supine attitude leg lifts
  2. Triple inner thigh pulses
  3. Inner thigh circles
  4. Inner thigh pulses
  5. Squats
  6. Piqués in retiré

A few tips

This workout is great to do before class to warm you up, or at least a selection of some of the earlier exercices.  It is a great turnout tune-up, and it really warms up your entire upper leg area.

You don’t need to do any warm up prior to this workout.  I would recommend rolling out or massaging your turnout muscles if they are already sore, though.  This will just make it a bit easier to focus on your technique and for the muscles to build up easier.

Really focus on correct form.  Inner thigh exercises are one that it is easy to get the wrong muscle.  Make sure your hips are square and you are keeping your abs engaged and correct form, or you will work the wrong muscles, which could be your quads or hip flexors.  Really focus during this workout!

Thanks for doing this workout!  I’ll see you on Monday with another quality post. 🙂

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