How I’ve Organized My Life!

Hello there!  Today is another exciting blog post – an update and expansion (if you will) on my Managing Schedules blog post I did a while back.  So, without further ado…let’s dive into an explanation of my most recent project…organizing my life.

The basics

I began by structuring my life into what’s most important to me.  Here is the list I came up with:

  1. Wellness (health and happiness)
  2. Family
  3. Ballet and academics (it’s a tie)
  4. Friendships
  5. Blog and brand (social media, newsletter, etc.)

After making this list, I decided on a central organizational system.  This would be my planner.

In addition to using my planner to organize big-picture and general daily schedules and to-do lists, I needed an organizational system for each section of my life.  I decided on binders.  So, I now have the following binders:

  • Wellness
  • Ballet (also a ballet journal) – updated binder
  • Blog and brand

The academics section has its own, more complex organizational system where I store all of my homework.  I decided that I don’t need binders to keep track of the Family and Friendship topics.

So, now I’m going to show you how I’ve managed each of these organizational systems and items!  (With pictures, yay!)

Planner…the central organizational system

A few days after I confirmed and set goals for developing this organizational system, I went to Target to get a basic school-year planner for 2016-17.  It turns out they had a really cool special product planner section, and I got a wonderful monthly-weekly-daily formatted Today & To-Do planner by Day Designer.


This is the front cover of the planner.  It is navy with gold detailing and has the planner title on the front.  It is great quality and it’s soft but durable to the touch.


This is the monthly spread for the current month of August.  I highlight any goal deadlines or goal review days in yellow.  Basically, I put any events throughout the month on this spread.  During the school year, this is where I will keep track of my rehearsal schedules and any extra classes that I’m taking.


This is a blank weekly spread.  Below are what I use each section of the day for:

Left column:

  • Ballet rehearsal/show schedule
  • Tests at academic school
  • Asignments due that day at school
  • Academic and ballet events

Right column:

  • Academic homework and studying
  • Ballet homework and studying

It also has a top three column, where I will put my three biggest jobs at school that week. Simply, my weekly spreads will become my ballet & academics dashboard and interface.


This is my daily spread.  The first feature, the top left box, is a top 3 tracker for the day. This is where I store my top 3 tasks to complete that day, whether they are chores, office work, or studio work.

The top right box is for gratitude.  It is simple – you just write down something you are happy with about your life or grateful for every day.

The middle left box is for the daily schedule.  I basically block off chunks of time to work on certain tasks in my to-do list.  For example, I have a chore block, an office work block, and a studio work block.  I also put in any events and the general time it will take me to do them.

The to do list, on the right of the schedule, is where I keep track of the tasks for me to complete in my work blocks.  I don’t color code them or categorize them by which block I should be working on each task during – I just scan through it and see what I can work on with my time.

In the bottom left corner, there is a box of things to do that night.  There I usually write down any TV shows that are on or what my plans are – game? movie? TV show?  I always try to block off time for entertainment and to just enjoy life.

In the bottom right corner, there is a space for notes.  If I’m going out that day, to school, to a friend’s house, or even just to lunch, I will put my outfit here.  Sometimes I include the weather forecast if rain is likely, and sometimes it is my mom’s work schedule.  This column is very flexible and that is important to me.

Blog and brand binder

This blog is very, very difficult to manage, and I try my best to keep everything organized and set so you guys can be satisfied.


This is the front cover of my brand and blog binder.  Purple is my color code for this topic.



The first section of the binder is where I keep my editorial calendar.  This means which blog posts and newsletter themes and subjects will be sent out on which days.  It’s fairly simple.  I do weekly editorial calendars so I can adjust my content based on what people are requesting at certain times.  I just fill out a new one every Sunday.



The second section is where I keep my printed and edited drafts of my blog posts in addition to any blog post research I may need to develop a post.



The third and final section is where I keep any blog post and newsletter ideas.  The blog post ideas dashboard is just a simple piece of notebook paper.  I keep a running list of ideas as they pop into my mind, and I highlight any requested ideas.  I cross them off as I use them.  I create my editorial calendars every week from these lists.

I also keep any printed off articles about blogging and brand advice here.  I usually copy and paste them into my own document so they are all the same format.  If an article is too short or long to print out or has too much un-needed information, I will just take notes on the article on a piece of notebook paper.  The last picture is an example of this.  I love coloring and highlighting things, obviously!

Wellness binder

The wellness binder is where I keep track of all things health and happiness.  My color code for wellness is pink.


This is the front cover and side view of my wellness binder.



The first section of my binder consists of my health logs.  I print out a weekly copy of my health log, which I fill out as the week progresses.  It tracks all of my meals, snacks, and my water intake.  I put them all in the health logs section at the beginning of the binder.



The next section of the binder is for morning pages.  Basically, I write a page every morning right when I get up to clear my mind of any surface-level thoughts so I can access the good ideas easier.  Here is a video about morning pages.


The third section of the binder is where I print off any recipe ideas and construct any meals I want to eat that day or week.



My fourth and final section of the wellness binder is where I keep track of my thoughts and research on health.  Again, sometimes I just print articles off and highlight things (like I did above), and sometimes I will take notes on a topic using notebook paper.  It depends on the article or topic I’m researching!

The ballet binder

My last binder is my ballet binder, which is the smallest of all of them.  My color for ballet is blue.


This is the front cover of the binder and the side label.


The first section stores basic information on my ballet schedule and any information generally I need to know about my ballet school.  Shown above is a schedule for weekly classes and rehearsals for the current year.



The second section is for my training logs, where I keep track of all of the conditioning and ballet training I do in that day.  I have a section for my activity (meaning classes, rehearsals, etc.).  I also keep track of my cross training for the day, and any conditioning, massage, strengthening, and stretching I do before and after my activity/cross-training for the day.

The next section is to track information regarding any performances that season.  I have a full blog post I did about how I create and manage my production packets that you can read to get more information on this.

Finally, I store any resources, articles, or notes that I’ve printed.  This could be a printed out blog post, an anatomy picture, or anything, really.

Thanks for reading today’s blog post, and I hope it helped you either create a system of your own or just be inspired to get organized.  See you on Friday 🙂

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