Calf Workout

Hi everybody!  Today is a calf workout to help stabilize your relevés and demi pointe, in addition to improving your pointework.  It will be a mixture of sitting, thera band exercises and standing exercises.  I hope this helps you!



  1. Ankle pointes with thera band
  2. Bent ankle pointes with thera band
  3. Elevés in parallel with tennis ball
  4. Elevés in first position
  5. Elevés in second position
  6. Ankle jumps


  • This workout can be done as a warm up for class, or a warm up for doing barre or any lower leg stretching at home.
  • You do not have to do any warm up before beginning this workout.
  • Make sure you are not sickling or extensively winging during any of these exercises.

Thanks for doing this workout today!  I’ll see you on Friday with another blog post.

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