Room Tour!

Hi everybody!  Today’s very exciting video is a room tour.  I know you guys have been waiting a while for this and I’ve been promising it for a couple weeks, and it’s finally here! All of the renovations are finished, and I’m happy to be showing you the end product.  I hope this is helpful and inspiring to you, and I wish you a great rest of your day.

By the way, I’m really sorry that you didn’t get a Monday and a Wednesday blog post this week.  I had some uploading issues, and this is a really big post, so I thought it would be alright to combine them.  See you Friday with a special post 🙂

Watch the video

Products mentioned

The list of products mentioned below is in coordination with the product bar shown on the screen as the video plays.  Products that are not listed during the video are not linked below.

(In order of mention)

Loft bed (Custom Cottage)

Planner (Day Designer – Today & To Do)

Sticky note dispenser (Post It)

Pencil cup (Ball jar)

Desk lamp (Target)

Computer (MacBook Pro)

Pens (Stadler Tri-Plus Fineliners)

Wall calendar (The Board Dudes) – Specific product no longer sold…Similar

Graph paper sticky notes (Post It)

Whiteboard markers (Expo)

Printer (HP Deskjet 1000 – non-wireless)

PVC shower pan liner (Home Depot)

Stability ball (Reebok)

Large foam roller (Gaiam)

Small foam roller (Gaiam)

Yoga mat (Gaiam)

Orange spikey roller (Gaiam)

Toe strengthener (Elgin)

Massage ball (GoFit)

Turning board (Ballet Is Fun)


Hanging closet organizer (similar)

Dance bag (Merona)

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Thanks for watching my room tour, and I hope the links and products in this section helped you find what you’re looking for.  See you on Friday 🙂

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