Updates & Upcoming…


It has been an exciting week behind the scenes of this blog!

First of all, you may have noticed that this website got a mini-makeover.  I hope you find it more functional. 🙂

Second, there is a videocamera in the mail, coming my way!  Early birthday present (mostly because I need it for school, admittedly).  But, anyways – video quality will be improving, and fast!

Finally, I had a meeting today with an EDITOR for this blog.  That’s right!  So, content quality will be improving as well.

With this, we will be creating a new posting schedule: Sundays and Tuesdays.  Bonus posts (vlogs, workouts, photo journals, and request Q & As) will be up sparatically.  You can see the whole new set up of categories for my blog posts at the menu below the site title.

We will also be introducing themes for the regular blog posts that will be monthly.  For example: Back To Dance, Nutcracker, Summer Intensives, Auditions, Technique Month, etc.  This is to create consistency and keep it interesting!

So, I will see you tomorrow with my first post with this new update.  Video quality will be improving within 3 posts, so stay tuned!

Bye 🙂

BTW…make sure to keep up with what’s going on and don’t miss a post by following this blog on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter…@gouletballet.  Ella out.


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