Halloween Ballet Steps!

Halloween is upon us!  Tomorrow we will be celebrating this spooky holiday, and today, in honor of Halloween, we will be discussing the most frightening ballet steps in the giant ballet vocabulary.  So, join me as I haunt you with fouettés and fish dives!

The Fouetté

I think this probably wins as the scariest ballet step of all time.  Think about it – you are turning while your leg goes flies to the side, coming on and off pointe, ahh!  It’s one of the most insane things you can do.


Although most of us probably look something like the following mid-turn…


My biggest tip for fouettés is to not use too much force and to really hit second with your working leg before you launch into the next turn!  I shared this TedEd video through my newsletter a few weeks ago that really details the physics of a fouetté turn.  While it’s meant for an audience of physics students, it’s helpful for ballerinas, too.

If the embedding above isn’t working, you can watch the video here.

Any Partnering Step

Partnering can be FRIGHTENING.  I searched for a video from the ballerina’s perspective and I found one!

This is partnering from both the ballerina and male dancer’s perspective during a performance at Lincoln Center by the New York City Ballet.  It features dancers Megan Fairchild and Andrew Vayette.

If the embedding above doesn’t work, watch the video here.


And finally, embedded below is a quick video, also by the New York City Ballet, about what dancers think about partnering (just for fun).

If the embedding above doesn’t seem to be working, watch the video by clicking here.


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