Holiday Gift Guide for Dancers

Hi everyone!  The holiday season is approaching very fast, and today I wanted to give parents and dancers an idea of what to get a hardcore ballerina for Christmas!  I hope this is helpful.

  • RubiaWear Legwarmers

Every dancer loves a good pair of legwarmers, and these RubiaWear styles are great quality.  They are hand-made and come in lots of different sizes, patterns and thicknesses.  You can buy them at

  • BulletPointe Parachute Pants

These trashbag short pants are super warm and comfortable, and they are very stylish for before class.  They come in countless colors and are reversible, so your dancer can wear both colors without having to worry about buying multiple pairs, which they would probably want if they bought other trashbag pants.  These shorts are worth the price and are super comfortable and quality!  You can buy them at

  • BulletPointe Skirt

These skirts make a dancer’s legs look super long, and they are great quality.  This classic ballet skirt is designed to extend a dancer’s line without obstructing your dancing.  They will last a long time and fit easily into a dance bag.  You can buy these skirts from the same company as the parachute shorts, at

  • Lace Pointe Shoe Bag from Theatricals

Dancers have a lot of small items to carry around for pointe shoe maintenance and it can be difficult to keep track of those.  When I started using a pointe shoe bag to hold all of my accessories, I found that I lost stuff less often and actually saved money by avoiding repurchasing!  These lace bags are very fashionable and come in lots of colors.  You can buy them cheaply at Discount Dance.

  • KD Dance Knit Roll-Down Pants

Now that the new year is approaching and Nutcracker is coming to a close, your dancer can spend more time conditioning and stretching.  Before class and when students are practicing, these knit roll-down pants from KD Dance are perfect for warming up or cooling down.  They prevent injury and relax tight muscles using the passive warm-up technique.  This is using layers or other non-exercise endeavors (such as a hot shower or bath, or a heating pad) to warm you up.  I assure you that these pants will keep your dancer happy.  You can buy them at

  • Gaiam Yoga Balance Ball

If your dancer needs to strengthen their core for their dancing or are looking to prevent and avoid injuries for the new year, this balance ball by Gaiam will help.  Exercising with this ball will keep their entire body strong and limber.  You can buy it at

Finally, when you really can’t find anything, toe tape is always a useful item to get!  I hope this helps to fill the gaps in your gift list this season. I’ll see you on Friday!

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