How To Be a Morning Person!

We all have that problem – our alarm goes off, nice and early as planned, and we hit that snooze button.  Sometimes you hit it five or seven times …yikes!  I used to have this problem, and I have recently figured out how to break the snooze button habit and become a morning person who gets up early!  So, here are my tips for getting up as soon as your alarm goes off.

The Alarm

Obviously, your alarm clock itself could be contributing to the problem.  Make sure it plays a somewhat enjoyable sound, and change it every now and then, so you don’t start dreading it.  Afterall if that one sound is doing the horrible task of ripping you out of your sleep at 5 am, you are going to grow to hate it.  Selecting a new ringtone will keep you happy and energetic in the morning.

The following tip is well-known, but I know that most of us are too scared to actually try it.  This is to place your alarm across the room so you have to get up to turn it off.  I tried this out a couple weeks ago for the first time, and it was a success. It showed me that even if it’s super early, you only hate getting out of bed for two seconds.  Once those two seconds are over and you’ve successfully turned your alarm off and you are up, you are very grateful!  This is because you realize that you now have ample time to get stuff done, be relaxed, and not have to worry about being late.

The tricky part is finding the right location – you have to put it somewhere close to you so you can still hear it when it goes off, but it can’t be so close that you can reach from your bed and turn it off.  Take a look in your bedroom where that could be.

The Incentive

Giving yourself a reason to get out of bed, or something enjoyable to do right away when you finally do get out of bed, will help you feel more motivated to do so.  It’s just like with any difficult task – you push through if there is a reward.  For me, I make it fairly simple.  I put a giant, cozy sweater right at the bottom of my ladder (I have a loft bed).  As soon as I climb down it, I can put it on and be comfortable and cozy.  Here are a few other examples of incentives you could use in the morning:

  • A giant bathrobe
  • A glass of orange juice
  • A pre-made, amazing breakfast

Some of you may be thinking: won’t we just think of how tedious it is to get up and how this is much worse than the intended reward?  Well …that’s true, but only for your logical brain as you read this right now.  At 5 am our mind is too focused on the wonderful thing within its line of sight to think any further.  Let’s face it, our 5 am mind isn’t as intelligent as our 1 pm mind.  At 5 am it is very reward-focused, and therefore it will have no problem zooming in for one.

To facilitate this characteristic of our early-morning mind, I would highly recommend putting whatever your incentive is in your line of sight.  If you can see it, it will be simpler to go straight for it.  It seems weird, but it works and your 5 am mind will thank you!

The Task

If you have an early train to catch and you are trying to wake up at 5 am to catch it, you will notice that it’s much easier to wake up on time than on a day you are trying to wake up at 7 am to get some work done early.  The time doesn’t matter …it’s all about the task.

When there is a deadline to meet or a bus to flag down, your body responds better to the pressure of waking up early.  That can be translated to having an unmissable task as soon as you wake up.  If you have a deadline to meet or something to do ASAP that morning, you will wake up on time!  Here are some ideas of tasks:

  • Get a cup of coffee before your [insert other family member here] takes it all.
  • If you’re sharing bathrooms, get to the shower before your (family member) gets in first.
  • Catch a bus or train, if applicable.
  • Text a friend.  You can both plan to text each other before 6 am, and if one doesn’t then they have to do push ups.  Just an idea.

Here’s a final info-graphic to help you out:


I hope you guys find these ideas helpful, and they aid in your morning efficiency!  I’ll see you on Friday (which is my opening night of Nutcracker!!)

3 thoughts on “How To Be a Morning Person!

  1. Ella, I hope your opening night of dancing Clara goes superb as I know it will, you are Fabulous, We can’t wait til the 18th when we will see you dance! Love You, Aunt Mary

  2. Hi, have you heard about The Miracle Morning Book by Hal Elrod? Check it out, it’s awesome if you want to make your mornings even better:)

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