How To Find True Confidence

Many dancers struggle with the concepts of self-confidence and trust, and this has an effect on their success as dancers and in life.  Lacking self-confidence can impede your ability to get roles and complete other ballet-related tasks.  Acquiring this trait can be difficult, but today I am here to teach you how to believe in yourself and present your talents with poise.  I hope it is helpful!

The Parts of Self-Confidence

In my mind, self-confidence has two aspects for dancers.  The first is your confidence in combinations and choreography.  If you aren’t assertive and don’t trust yourself that you know what step comes next, you are more likely to mess up or be behind the music.  One of my teachers always says it is better to be wrong with confidence, and that this will make errors stand out less.  If you shy away from your mistakes and inabilities, it will show from the audience.

The second part of confidence is your artistry.  If you look down or don’t fully show off and present yourself, your dancing will be less appealing.  An amazingly technical and strong dancer can appear weak and lacking in presence if they have no self-confidence.  So, trusting yourself that you know the combinations and that your technique is adequate won’t mask the true dancer within you, but reveal it even more.

Being Confident in Your Faults

One cannot solely be confident in what makes them a great dancer, even though it is very important, as it advances your strengths and assets in the world of ballet.  But, if you are confident in your mistakes and in your faults, you will appear much stronger and comfortable with yourself.

I encourage you, if you lack in self-confidence, to think about what makes you a great dancer, and where your weaknesses or faults are.  Now, take those faults and analyze how it makes you a more intricate and textured person.  Your weaknesses make you you, and not somebody else.  That is what a great dancer is: he or she trusts him or herself to make the best decision using the assets they already have, not the assets or characteristics they wish they had.

So, take your weaknesses and embrace them, and figure out how they make you a better person.  Write it down and then take it to heart – a perfect dancer is not the best one.  Being imperfect is better.

I hope this shorter post was helpful to you, and inspired you to work hard over this new year and embrace your faults.  I’ll see you all on Friday.  

2 thoughts on “How To Find True Confidence

  1. Very helpful, as always! Thank you a lot for doing this, you know I struggle a lot with self-confidence! Wonderful post!

  2. Hi Ella- I read the recent essay you did on confidence. (Your aunt Mary posted the link on Facebook) Then I read some of the other ones you have posted on this blog. Truth be told, even though my daughter is a dance instructor, I couldn’t dance my way out of a wet paper bag. But I love the ballet, and greatly admire those that pursue this art form.
    Anyway, I wanted to say that you are wise beyond your years.
    -CJ Gibson

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