TV Shows & Movies for Dancers

Movies and TV shows for dancers are difficult to find, but I have gathered a few that you might like to watch. These ones are quality movies, often reflecting the real lives of aspiring or working professional dancers…and they are actually good!  So, let’s take a look at the list below:

Dance Academy

This is an Australian TV show about a prestigious ballet academy in Sydney, Australia.  There is a lot of variance in the type of characters portrayed, but this is not all that makes it very entertaining.  There is about an equal amount of normal teenager drama as there is ballet-related drama.  Overall a great TV show and really addictive.

Exploring the characters, some of them express unhealthy behaviors such as competing too much, being anorexic and doing horrible things to other dancers.  On the other hand, they always learn their lessons – they learn to understand where they went wrong – and overall these behaviors are not portrayed as good in the show.

First Position

Most of you have probably seen this excellent documentary.  It is about a group of young, aspiring, professional ballet dancers who are preparing for the prestigious ballet competition of the Youth American Grand Prix.  It follows each dancer through the regional semi-final rounds, and successively ending with the final round in New York City at Lincoln Center.

Each dancer is awesome and inspiring, and the documentary shows different approaches in ballet training and how they function differently in each family’s and dancer’s life.  The film is very entertaining, and really motivates you to stretch (especially after watching the clip of 12-year-old Miko Fogarty’s adagio).

Ballet 422

Another great ballet movie, this really reveals the life of dancers at the New York City Ballet.  The focus of the film, set primarily at Lincoln Center, is the process of creation of a new ballet for the company.  The ballet piece featured in the film is resident choreographer Justin Peck’s “Paz de la Jolla.”  It takes you through the entire creative process of putting together a ballet, including choreography, rehearsals, costume design, lighting, music and finally the performance.

The dancers featured in the film, the main ones being Tiler Peck, Sterling Hyltin, Amar Ramasar as well as others, are all very inspiring.  You get to watch them dance Balanchine-style works.  The film is also very entertaining.  The style of the film is with no talking and no interviews -it solely follows people through their days and that tells the story.  In this way, it depicts the lives of people involved in these kind of productions.  It’s a great film, and definitely a must-watch.

Thanks for reading today’s shorter post, and good luck on your semester exams if they are around this time.  Mine are next week, so I might miss a post or two.  But I’ll see you soon anyway. 🙂


3 thoughts on “TV Shows & Movies for Dancers

  1. Darcey Bussell’s Ballet Heroes on youtube is really good. Also on youtube, Darcey Bussell: A Ballerina’s Life is interesting.

    1. hi, Terese. I am from a film company, trying to find some new feature films about Ballet to acquire & distribute in China. Would you please to recommend me some? Thanks!

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