How to Make the Most of Your Snow Day

Hi everyone!  We are amidst the winter season, and for many of us that involves snow days or other days off from school.  Today I teach you how to have an efficient, unexpected day off.

Create Your To-Do List

Use your day off to catch up on tasks that are falling behind or ensure that all of your daily tasks are completed.  It’s easy to fall behind in your daily routines, especially as things get busier in the upcoming months, so checking items on a day off will relax you and leave you feeling more prepared for the upcoming weeks.

Often when we get that extra free time on snow days we tend to jump right to the special tasks that come to mind. However,  getting all of the boring stuff done first will make you more efficient and motivated to keep working in the long run.  I actually separate my daily and my special to-do lists.  My daily list is kept in Apple Reminders, where it is easy to cycle through and set repeating reminders.

Meanwhile, I maintain my other, regular to-do list in Google Keep.  I believe that I have discussed this wonderful program with you before. It is so great I thought I would mention it again.  It allows you to separate your lists into “sticky notes.”  This means that you can make separate to-do lists, while still seeing all of your information on the same page helping you not to forget anything.  Also, if you enjoy color-coding or using different systems to manage your to-do lists, Google Keep is for you.


Instead of sticking to your regular exercise routine on a snow day, take the opportunity to work harder and strengthen different muscles in your body using cross-training.  Pilates, yoga, gyrotonics, swimming and any other physical activity you enjoy are all great activities to pursue if you want to work on your strength, flexibility and stamina.

I often find that we don’t know what more conditioning to do once we finish our regular stretching routine.  It’s really helpful if you have a friend over and you do your strengthening together.  That way you can motivate eachother and talk with eachother in order to find more exercises.  Another great tool is a workout video.  You can find plenty of Pilates, yoga, and general workout DVDs at your local library, but there is a wealth of selection online.  Search any type of workout you’d like, and you can find workouts directed by physical therapists, certified Pilates teachers and other great resources.

Get Organized

There are lots of DIY projects and interesting reorganizing methods to follow that will both make your snow day a bit more entertaining (especially with your friends) which are efficient and useful at the same time.

If you don’t already use Pinterest, I highly recommend it.  You can get lots of awesome ideas and find interesting things to do with your time.  Make sure you follow my Pinterest account at  I have a ballet board with lots of amazing, beautiful tutus and leotards.

Reset Your Goals

If you have set goals for a period of time, such as a semester or a school year, a day off is the perfect time to analyze your progress in these goals.  Record entries in a journal about how successful you have been and how much improvement you have made and compare them to how far you still have to go.

Once you’ve figured out where you stand with your long-term goals, set some objectives or a process to achieve that milestone in a short amount of time.  For example, if you want to get a triple pirouette on flat to both sides by the end of the year, and you can only do it with a hop, then here are some objectives to get you there:

  • Do Theraband exercises daily to strengthen ankles and create a stronger base for your turn
  • Balance in retiré while you brush your teeth, twice a day (morning on the right, night on the left)
  • Practice your pirouettes every day after class

I hope this is helpful to you, while your snow days can now be very efficient.  I’ll see you this weekend with a video!

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