“Backs of the Legs” Workout For Dancers

Hi everyone!  Today I share with you a fantastic workout that I have created. It targets your hips, inner thighs, hamstrings and lots of other important muscles to support you in your dancing.  I hope you enjoy!

At the beginning of this video, I state that the main purpose of many of these muscles is to connect your trunk to the backs of your legs, thus creating a more stable and supported body.  One of my favorite theories is that the more supported the essential core of the body, the greater range of motion possible in the joints.  Another name for this concept is stabilization.

Stabilization, in fact, is a type of exercise in itself.  It involves strengthening movements that require the performer to create a mindful stillness within the working joint in order to isolate a certain muscle.  This technique creates more work for the target muscle than it would if the stability of the position wasn’t provided.

In the video, we did lots of stability exercises in this workout.  The main object used was the half foam roller.  The round side on the bottom made it very easy for the object to roll back and forth beneath your feet.  You needed to keep the roller and your legs still in order to complete the exercise.  The two techniques of isolation and targeting the hamstring muscles, through the use of the roller, engages the entire backs of the legs.   That’s what makes this exercise so useful and quick to show results.

That stability exercise is also great practice for the stability required for an adagio, for example, or very quick tendus and dégagés.  The ability to stabilize and maintain stillness in the supporting hip so that the range of motion in the working hip is increased is vital to your success in the movement.

So, the big take-away from today is that stabilization exercises can help greatly with movements in ballet, especially when a strong supporting hip is needed.

I hope you found this workout and explanation helpful and beneficial, and you learned something!  Shoot me an email at contact@gouletballet.com if you have a question or problem you would like answered.  I am always happy to respond within 24 hours.  See you on Friday!


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