My summer plans + updates

This year I will be (happily) staying home for summer intensive.  I did audition around this year for some big “reach” schools that I knew I would NEVER get into…and I didn’t get into them (no surprises).  This is mostly because I was looking forward to a comfortable summer at home with my family and friends and familiar dance teachers.

Despite popular belief that going away every year for summer intensive is necessary, I think that staying home every other year or so can be more beneficial for improvement, because the years you are at your year-round school you can really focus on your technique and kicking bad habits out the window.

Anyways, this summer is full of fun plans, as follows:

Week 1-2: Rest / cross training / home ballet classes (see post)

Week 3: Technique “maintenance” classes at GRB, home ballet classes, cross training

Week 4-8: Summer program (+ irregular cross training) – 5 weeks

Week 9-11: Rest / cross training / home ballet classes

Week 12-13: Technique “maintenance” classes at GRB, home ballet classes, cross training

Tomorrow, Monday, begins week 3, defining my excitement to get back to dancing in a full studio with other people!  I also have a few new leotards to wear, which you can see in my vlog from a few days ago.

In the past two weeks of time off, I have discovered some hobbies I didn’t even know I had, which include cooking, gardening, and biking.  I am looking forward to starting my own vertical herb garden so I can make my own teas.

I also just got a new blog theme, which I LOVE!! If you are a follower (thanks love ya) and you are reading this in your email, click the link to see it on the website because I am a big fan of the classy new design.

Also, if you haven’t been able to tell from the past couple posts featuring recipes, I’ve really been getting into healthy cooking and nutrition for dancers.  Make sure you check out yesterday’s post with my easy, healthy lunch recipes for dancers.

Anyways, that’s about as much rambling as I can handle.  I hope your summer is going well, and I’m looking forward to the exciting things coming up and sharing them with you!

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