4-Week Health Challenge + Meal Plans

Summer is the perfect time for dancers to reset their healthy eating expectations and habits.  This flexible, 4-week challenge is the perfect way for you to question your health decisions and put your body back on the path to success.

The meal plans developed for this challenge each have over 90% of recommended daily values for micronutrients.  So, if you precisely follow the meal plan given in the challenge, you will end up with an amazingly nourished and balanced diet that will leave you feeling fantastic, energized, and motivated.

Challenge rules:

  • All foods for the day must add up to over 90% of recommended daily values for micronutrients
  • A relative balance of macronutrients (approximately 40% carbohydrates, 40% fats, and 20% proteins)
  • No added sugars

One of the many benefits of this challenge is that there is one free meal per day!  There is no dinner listed on the meal plan, though it is recommended that you eat a meat and a vegetable on the side to continue this healthy plan.  That said, you can make lunch for dinner or do a breakfast-for-dinner style day and choose a different meal to eat whatever you’d like.  Remember that your 90% nutrients are already taken care of with the three meals listed.

There are 7 days of completely unique meal plans that follow the guidelines, in addition to another 21 days that are similar but slightly varied from the original 7 days.

If you are wondering how the 90% value of micronutrients is calculated, I used cronometer.com to create a meal plan that is successful in all aspects.  See below a sample listing of all vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, macronutrients, and more for day 4 of the challenge.  Use the arrows to browse the samples:

*Note: The space left in calories is for the free meal for the day, which is not entered into the calculator.  You are ensured to reach 90% each day through only the two meals and snacks listed on the meal plan – dinner is just for more calories/energy and extra nutrients!


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Another great part about this challenge is that it is flexible – you can do it any time you need to refresh your health and get back on track.

That said, I will be doing the challenge between the dates of August 6 and September 2, 2017.  Enter your information below and click submit to join the challenge, and I will provide you with more directions, a motivational Facebook group, and more:

Whether or not you are joining us for the challenge next week, download the calendar below to get started!



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