Getting back in shape…

Today is Sunday…and it marks the beginning of my summer training part 2!  Summer intensive here in Grand Rapids ended a week ago, and now it’s time to get back into shape for the upcoming school year and a few dance lessons I have coming up.

I’ve decided to take a different, slightly more flexible approach to it than I did last time, which I wrote about in detail.  This time, I pick one workout from each category a day, while taking skipping one category every three days or so for a rest:

*Note: I always preface this with a quick stretching, abs, and roll out warm up, and try to take an epsom salt bath/thorough stretch every few days.

  • Ballet
    • Full barre
    • Barre in pool
    • Full barre en pointe
    • Short barre + pointework
  • Conditioning exercises
    • Full strengthening series (1 hour at least)
    • Mini-strengthening series + 30 minutes elliptical
  • Cross-training
    • Pilates class
    • Yoga class
    • Swimming
    • Go for a walk/jog/sprint circuit

For example, today I did a full barre on flat, took a yoga class, and did my full strengthening series.  Tomorrow I will probably take it a bit easier and do a short barre with pointework, my mini-strengthening series and elliptical, plus a walk/jog/sprint.  I took a bath today to release my muscles, so there is no need for that tomorrow!

Today I also the start of my 28-day food plan to get healthy after my vacation retreat involving excessive amounts of ice cream.  So, meal plan for me!

For those of you participating in the challenge, I hope you enjoyed today’s lunch of brown rice, black beans, and broccoli.  I thought it was pretty good and set me in the mode to do a great workout and work hard.

Meanwhile, I’ve been reading one of my new favorite ballet blogs in my free time, Moa Andreasson’s page.  I love all of the pictures she takes and reading about how hard she works.  I recommend you check it out.

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